SRG Asia Pacific offers a range of services for our clients which are designed to help:

  • Generate and increase revenue
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase customer satisfaction
We possess the necessary expertise to handle customer interactions for our clients (anything from inbound enquiries, to outbound sales acceleration), manage their back office and fulfilment services, as well as build better relationships with their customers, thereby achieving the desired loyalty towards their company and/or brand.
By handling all our clients’ communication needs, their employees are able to focus on their core competencies. Our list of services includes the following:

Certification & Training

We have an in-house team that provides continuous training programs for certification.

Business Process Outsourcing

We specialise in providing outsourcing services. The areas below reflect some of the current process that we manage for our esteemed clientele:
  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Front office customer service
  • Information Technology Enabled Service (ITES)


We provide professional consultancy services for a number of functions within our scope.

Contact Centre Outsourcing

We have experienced personnel from the services industry in our team with the required expertise to tailor a solution for you.

Hosted Contact Centre

SRG AP has been an IP-enabled contact centre for almost 10 years. We were the first in the region to deploy a cloud capable solution in the form of Oracle’s Call Centre Anywhere (CCA). Cloud computing is the way of the future in terms of customer management and support. This evolution promotes reduced operational cost and increased revenue for clients. Other general benefits of a cloud solution are outlined below:
  • Lower infrastructure maintenance costs.
  • Flexible agent staffing
  • Minimal deployment time
  • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Increased customer focus rather than maintaining and upgrading outdated hardware
    • Provides the knowledge and tools needed to increase profitability of every touch point
    • Cultivate customer loyalty necessary to grow your business
  • A solution for all sizes and requirements:
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Blended environments
    • Predictive dialing
    • Auto-dialing