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Annual CSR 2019 – #MakeADifference to help the needy


Think your home is not big enough, think your wallet is not thick enough, think your life is miserable. Think again!!👇
Together with SRG team, we visited 8 poverty stricken families suffering from medical conditions, drugs, alcohol & abandon children. These are just a few stories of families living in an appalling and worst places unimaginable & there are many more out there. True, we may not be able to satisfy all those in this condition, but we can help some of those right in front of us. A Beautiful quote added during this journey, “if you can’t do big things, do small things in a big way”. Giving back should not be merely a corporate goal but “Giving” has to be from the Heart❤

#MakingADifference #CorporateSocialResponsibility #givingback #helpingothers

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